Wife won’t be prosecuted in altercation over dog excrement in Village of Pine Ridge

A Village of Pine Ridge woman will not be prosecuted in a November altercation at her home after her husband’s story changed.

Wendy Speck Anderson, 72, had been arrested by Fruitland Park police on a charge of battery. Anderson’s husband told police that she had been “drinking all day long like she normally does,” according to an arrest report from the Fruitland Park Police Department.

The couple got into a disagreement after a dog had a bowel movement in the house “which made the whole house smell bad.” Anderson then allegedly struck her husband in the back three times. He told police his wife has an alcohol problem and hits him at least two times a week, the report indicated.

However, last month the prosecutor’s office announced no information would be filed in the case.

“Due to a significant change in the victim’s testimony and a lack of any independent witnesses, the State cannot prove the elements of the offense beyond a reasonable doubt,” State Attorney Brad King wrote, according to documents on file in Lake County Court.

Anderson’s $2,000 bond was refunded to her husband.

She was represented by attorney Frank Remsen.