When will it stop?

To the Editor:

The liberal press wants to doom PRESIDENT Trump for not speaking out against the KKK and White groups that feel they have the right to free speech.  I don’t remember him forced to say we have evil with the Black Lives Matter or the Black Panthers etc. Hate and evil are demonstrated by all races.  He tried to make it sound that we are all Americans first and need to stop this violence but that was not good enough.  We have people destroying public property and it is okay even though it is our HISTORY.
Sorry to say the North and South did have a long and heavy death count on both sides during the Civil War.  Why aren’t we taking down statues of the North leaders?  They had slaves also and continued to have slaves after the Civil War.  They didn’t give them freedom and make them equal to the White man, so let’s tear them down also.

Gary Wilkinson
Village of Del Mar