Villages 2017 Residents Cup champion to be crowned on Friday

Alan Perkins prepares to sink a putt.
Alan Perkins prepares to sink a putt.

The 2017 Residents Cup golf tournament is divided into two flights – 52 golfers on two teams playing from the blue tees (Palmer and Nicklaus) and 52 golfers on two teams playing from the white tees (Hogan and Snead).  After the completion of the second day of the three-day tournament, Team Hogan leads team Snead 18 to 8 and team Palmer leads team Nicklaus 18 to 8.

Team captains Dan Butler (Palmer) and Tom Alger (Hogan) were both surprised and pleased by the identical point spread as well as knowing that they each needed only 8.5 of the 26 points in play on Friday in order to win their respective championship.

The Residents Cup tournament follows a Ryder Cup format for the matches.

Wednesday’s matches used the Chapman Alternate shot format with 13 points in play.  Team Palmer won 8 points and team Hogan won 10.5.

“All but a few of the individual matches were hotly contested,” said tournament co-director, Gregg Foster.  Five of the 13 matches from the blues tees were won, 1-up.  The white tee matches were a little more one sided, but the outcome of 6 of those could have changed within the last two holes.

“We are pleased with the assistance we receive from The Villages golf department for this tournament,” said co-director Jim Fein.  The teams from Havana and Mallory are doing a great job. We have received several positive comments from the players.”