Villagers to lend their talents to fundraiser for Petrina’s scholarship fund

Petrina is turning to talented Villagers to help raise money for Sparkle scholarships. The popular Villages’ entertainer will host a “Sparkle Scholarship Got Talent” fundraiser on Aug. 20 at 7 p.m. in the Lake Miona Recreation Center.

Tickets are $16. For information, call: 352 205-4892 or email

“We have a wide variety of professionals and non-professionals that will entertain and have fun,” Petrina states.

In addition to Petrina, the list of performers includes:

Janet Maloney, Mark Traynor, Billie Thatcher, Violet Ray from the Aloha O Ka Hula Dance Troupe, Juanita Doyle, Holly Black, Kathy Strope, Lisa Chadwick, Diane Jiles, Tina DeWees, Linda Bitterly/Cloggers, Maria Gonzales, and Jan Myers.

Also: the Hometown Cloggers, Diane Tuttle/Phyllis Groff, Bill Eder, Mary Roberson, Vicki Gordon and group, Donna J, Bruce & Lynne Greenberger, Patti Hattie, Joe Phipps and Cynthia Fitzpatrick.