Villagers don’t use cell phones, social media, or get online

“Villagers don’t use cell phones.”

“Villagers don’t use social media.”

“Villagers don’t get online.”

That is what we were told five years ago. Advisors, advertisers, everyone who did not believe that we could ever get Villagers to engage with each other online.

Before, everyone outside of this community believed they knew all there was to know about The Villages and its residents.

We thought otherwise. And you proved us right.

We know that Villagers use mobile devices because 60 percent of our website traffic comes through tablets and smartphones.

We know that Villagers have social media, because 32,000 of you follow us on Facebook and you share, comment, and like our stories more than any other Facebook page serving the tri-county area.

We know that Villagers get online because every month our website is read in every state in the United States and more than any other news source in The Villages. is the only independent news source that holds government accountable, because we are the only ones present at every meeting. Ask the elected officials in Wildwood, Lady Lake, and The Villages, or any employee, staff, or leader in the district and they will confirm: shows up.

We are the only source that publishes detailed, accurate, and informative police and accident reports, because we are the only source that publishes them exactly as they are written by the responding agency.

We will never stop reporting anything that happens in this area, because we are not here to determine what you should and should not read.

We are the only source that listens to its readers. When you see something and you say something, we publish something. You send us a tip and we gather more information. You send us a photo and we share it with the community. You tell us what’s important to you, and we focus our efforts to get more information.

During Hurricane Irma, we were the only source that sent you updates hourly.

We were the only source that told you which golf cart tunnels and streets were flooded, which neighborhoods had debris, and when you could expect help.

We didn’t make you wait until the next afternoon to learn about shelters, curfews, traffic, or flood damage in your streets.

We were the only source that delivered a regularly scheduled newsletter, breaking news and traffic alerts.

Our email newsletter is the only service of it’s kind in The Villages. Every day for five years our email newsletter has been delivered to your inbox at 5:30 a.m. We will never take a day off because we are committed to keeping you connected. Stay connected with us.

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