Villager’s April Fools’ Day hole-in-ones hard for his friends to believe

Those who fish and golfers both have a tendency to stretch the truth now and then. This makes it tough for their fellow players to believe it when they start talking about their accomplishments.

Just ask Ron Hamilton of the Village of Amelia.

Ron Hamilton
Ron Hamilton

It was back on April 1 of 2011 that Hamilton, 61, made his first hole-in-one on the 12th hole at Water Oak.

Yes, it was April Fools’ Day and when Hamilton told the story of his first hole-in-one, his pals were reluctant to accept it.

When he told his friends in Wisconsin, they were extremely apprehensive about believing Hamilton. “On Facebook, I got the “Yeah right” and “Liar, liar, pants on fire” comments,” Hamilton said.

After Hamilton’s wife verified the hole-in-one, most of the catcalls were tempered to a point.

In April of 2015, Hamilton sunk his second hole-in-one on the Truman course. Although it was in April, it was more easily accepted by his peers because it wasn’t on April Fools’ Day.

This past April Fool’s Day, Hamilton played a round at Hawkes Bay.

“As we were walking to tee off, I was telling our golfing partners about getting my first hole-in-one on April Fools’ Day six years ago,” Hamilton said.

Once again, Hamilton’s partners thought he was pulling a prank because of the date.

“I kept saying no honestly I got a hole-in-one on April Fools’ Day,” Hamilton said. “One of them said “Let’s see you do it again.'”

Sure enough, on the third hole, Hamilton sank his second April Fool’s Day hole-in-one.

“My first two were kind of sloppy, but this one was all over the pin. The hole is only 103 yards,” Hamilton said. “April is a good month for me. All three of my holes-in-one came in April. When I posted it on Facebook, I really took a lot of ribbing again.”

If others don’t believe Hamilton all they have to do was ask his playing partner Chuck Lewis, who was very excited for Hamilton.

Hamilton said the ace was costly.

“It cost me $100 for beer,” he said.

Hamilton was actually rewarded for his first hole-in-one six years ago.

“I went to Golf Fest and I was given some Bridgestone golf balls. I used one on my first hole-in-one,” Hamilton said. “I wrote them and told them I had been using Titleist, but had changed. They sent me a dozen golf balls and a picture of the course at Water Oak.”

Hamilton already has plans for April 1, 2018 – he plans on playing golf.

“If it is raining, I’m still going out,” he emphatically said.