Villager who served as Ohio school superintendent made time for music for most of his life

George Dallas, 85, an original singer with the Villages Pop Chorus and one of its most popular members, died Monday, June 26.

Villager George Dallas
Villager George Dallas

“George has been a member of our group since the beginning, and I don’t think we can ever replace his huge smile and always sunny disposition,” said Bill Davis, director of the Villages Pop Chorus. “Even at an age over 80, his voice was still strong and pure. He made us smile every time we talked to him.”

Dallas always loved singing and harmony.

“Four-part harmony never gets old,” George Dallas told a few years ago after seeing the musical “Forever Plaid” at Savannah Center. “In fact, the older I get, the better it sounds.”

Last year, Katherine Dallas, George’s wife of 62 years, passed away. She was 84.

George Dallas led a remarkable life in music and education.
“He was a wonderful man,” Steve Dallas, George’s son stated in an email. “His music career ended up being his ladder for obtaining his ultimate career as Superintendent of Schools” (in Ohio).
Steve Dallas offered the following information about George’s life and career:
“Dad started playing in a dance band as a freshman in high school and this continued until around age 30. He was the trumpet player in his group called the The Four Saints.”
“He graduated Denison University with his Major in Music and then obtained his Master’s Degree in Education at Ohio State University.”
“During the Korean War, he was in the Army Band and played coronet/trumpet at all functions where the band was required in the U.S. After leaving the armed forces, he began his education career as a Music Director and Teacher at various schools.”
“He then moved from teaching to school administration as Superintendent of Schools but he always had music running through his veins.”

George Dallas was Superintendent of four Ohio school districts: Rutland, South Charleston, Graham, St. Paris and Champaign County.

He came to The Villages full-time about five years ago and was thoroughly dedicated to the Pop Chorus. He also enjoyed golf and attending music shows and concerts.

George Dallas is survived by his sons, William (Lake Sherwood, California), Steven (The Villages ) and George Michael (Miami), and a daughter, Melissa Kay,  (Westlake Village, California).

He is also survived by two sisters — Mary Jane Stillwagon and Sue Ellen Kowalski – and 10 grandchildren and 3 great grandchildren.