‘Tis the Season for Christmas Cruise In

Car enthusiasts filled Spanish Springs Town Square on Saturday for the annual Christmas Cruise In.

Classic cars from the 1950’s and 60’s were being shown off as well as an array of even older cars.

Scooter the DJ provided musical entertainment and had everybody out on the dance floor.

A crowd favorite at the Cruise In was built from a kit by Roy Haler. He built the 1965 AC Cobra which sports a high-output Ford motor and a fiberglass body in a beautiful blue paint with a bold racing stripe. Haler, of the Village of Collier took real care during the process to get the details to match the original.

Roy Haler’s 1965 AC Cobra replica

Another crowd favorite was a 1954 Lincoln Capri owned by Mike Groseclose which he has meticulously restored. The car had originally belonged to his grandfather who had purchased it new.

1954 Pops’s ’54 Lincoln Capri
A custom Ford Pickup truck
A Villager admires a custom Hot Rod.
An Antique Toy Hauling Truck
This car was definitely decorated for the season
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