The Complaint System

To the Editor:

A recent letter from a resident of the Village of Hillsborough suggests that if everyone followed the rules, there would be no issue about the “anonymous” complaint system that now prevails. But, since we do not live in a perfect world, even here in The Villages, there will often be some disputes that arise, such as the proliferation of the white crosses in front yards throughout The Villages. I think that the writer has lost sight of the fact that the enforcement of deed restrictions is in the hands of a quasi-public body that acts as prosecutor, judge and jury in these situations and their decisions can result in both monetary and other penalties that impact the homeowner. Under these circumstances, I would suggest that the “charged” party has an absolute right, under the supreme law of our nation as embodied in the U.S. Constitution, to have the opportunity to face his accuser; and I would further suggest that that constitutionally protected right supersedes any deed restriction or limitation. Although I seldom delved into criminal law during my nearly 40 years as a lawyer, I do know some of the rudiments; and this is one of them.

Daniel Andrews
Village of Winifred