Thank you to my Guardian Angels

To the Editor:

On Monday, July 10, I had an unexpected medical emergency while driving my car on Bichara Boulevard in The Villages. I slipped into unconsciousness while driving my car!  Very scary to say the least!
Upon realizing what was happening, my Guardian Angels, in the form of strangers, came “out of nowhere” to help and protect me. A worker at the nearby Publix, Julio Soto, jumped in my moving car and applied the emergency brake. The other Angels, unfortunately I do not know their names, all hovered over me and either called 911 or assured me that I would be OK and help was on the way.Thank you all from the bottom of my heart.  This could have turned out much differently had these people not jumped into action.
I received excellent care at The Villages Regional Hospital and I am back home and am fine.
Again, thank you!  How lucky am I to be alive and to live in America’s favorite hometown!

Eleanor Applegate
Village of La Reynalda