Do you support sanctuary cities?

To the Editor

Only in San Francisco can an illegal alien, deported five times, shoot and kill an American citizen and be found not guilty. Kate Steinle, 32, and her father were taking a walk after dinner on Fisherman’s Wharf Pier when she was slammed in the back by a bullet, piercing her aorta and killing her within minutes.  Her final words were, “Help me, Dad.”

The killer, Jose Garcia Zarate, had illegally crossed the border five times and the City of San Francisco (a sanctuary city in a sanctuary state) refused to honor an ICE request to hold Mr. Zarate, and let him go.  They put a criminal back on the streets rather than turn him over to ICE, something a genuine U.S. citizen would never receive.

Zarate’s story?  He found the gun under a park bench, was shooting at seals, dropped the gun, stepped on it and it went off.  He will be sentenced for posession of a fire arm by a convicted felon; carrying a 1 to 3 year term. What’s Mr. and Mrs. Steinle’s sentence?

Sanctuary cities/states are established to protect and shelter illegal aliens from U.S. laws.  Where in Heavens name is this country going?  How can anyone justify protecting those who sneak into our country illegally and committing crimes with complete disregard for the safety of our citizens?

Kate Steinle would have turned 35 in 13 days (Dec. 13), a date all should remember on election day, November, 2018.

Ed Magenheimer
Bridgeport at Lake Sumter