Supervisors mulling possible removal of another well-known speed bump in The Villages

Community Development District 6 supervisors are mulling the possible removal of a well-known speed bump in The Villages.

The speed bump is located in the tunnel on the multi-modal path at the intersection of Morse Boulevard and Mariposa Way, a short distance from the Morse Boulevard Bridge.

Supervisors are mulling the removal of a speed bump at the tunnel at Morse Boulevard and Mariposa Way.

The tunnel is a little tougher to navigate these days because pumping equipment and a second large yellow speed bump have been placed there due to excessive water from Lake Sumter. The tunnel recently flooded.

CDD 6 supervisors on Friday morning raised the possibility of removing the speed bump that has been there for years.

A bicyclist approaches a temporary speed bump at the tunnel at Morse Boulevard and Mariposa Way.

However, CDD 6 supervisors want some certainty as to the ownership of the speed bump before they take action. In the past it was indicated that the speed bump falls under the Sumter Landing Community Development District. There was also confusion earlier this year with regard to the speed bumps at the entrance to the Village of Bridgeport at Lake Sumter.

District staff will research the matter and CDD 6 will consider the fate of the speed bump at a future meeting.

Earlier this year, CDD 6 supervisors authorized the removal of a speed bump which had been located on the multi-modal path near the Virginia Trace starter shack at the Mallory Hill Championship Golf Course.

Should the speed bumps stay or go?

You can email the supervisors at the addresses below:

Sally Moss

Peter Moeller

Linda Grzesik

Tom Griffith

John Calandro