Sue Michalson’s op-ed

To the Editor:

I could not agree more with Steve Gordon’s letter concerning Sue Michalson’s op ed in the I too am ashamed to call Michalson a Jew as she is more of a radical anti-Semetic.
I would like to know when Ms. Michalson ever showed disagreement when Arabs tortured and murdered Jews in Egypt, Iraq, Iran and Jordan. Did she ever display anger over the suicide attackers unleashed by the Arabs?  Did she ever consider what the Arabs would have done had they won the war they precipitated in 1967? I bet that Michalson would condemn the death penalty yet applaud the suicide bombers yet if you think about it, those are two diametrically opposite points of view. This shows what a hypocrite she is. I say if she does not want to be considered a Jew that it is the Jewish population who gets the better of that deal.

Lawrence Schultz
Stone Creek