Student punched, glasses knocked off during altercation at elementary school in Ocala

Marion County sheriff’s deputies responded to a reported physical altercation that took place Thursday at Evergreen Elementary School in Ocala.

Deputies made phone contact with a mother who advised that her son was involved in a physical altercation at the school, according to an incident report. The mother stated another student in her son’s class punched her son in the head. The son told his mother that he was in class with the other student, who was seated in his chair and had his foot out in the walkway. The son accidentally hit his foot, but apologized and said that everything was “OK.”

The son said that the same thing happened a short time later, and her son apologized again. However this time, the student got up from his seat and began punching her son in the head. The altercation left a small red mark near his temple and his glasses were knocked off. The teacher separated the two students, and the woman’s son received medical attention from the school nurse. The mother told deputies that the school was also generating a report of its own.

The mother informed deputies that she did not wish to pursue any charges against the student, and that she did not want deputies to contact the student or his parents. She stated she only wanted the incident to be documented.