Snowbirds facing potential fine for unkempt property located in Oleander Villas

Some New York snowbirds will be facing a fine if they do not bring their property into compliance in the Oleander Villas in the Village of Sabal Chase.

A complaint about overgrown weeds was received Sept. 12 regarding the home at 982 Pinewood Place which is owned by Gin and Insoon Kil.

They purchased the villa for $141,800 in 2007. The tax bill is mailed to their home in Huntington Station, N.Y.

982 Pinewood Place

Community Standards has been in contact with the couple several times regarding the property being out of compliance. The couple has told Community Standards several times that steps had been taken to bring the property back into compliance. But each time Community Standards went out to check, no work had been performed.

The couple has indicated they plan to return to The Villages in mid-December. They have indicated they could address the issues upon their return.

ln a public hearing Friday morning, Community Development District 6 Supervisor Peter Moeller suggested that waiting for the snowbirds to return to bring the property into compliance would not be fair to the neighbors.

“The neighbors have already had to live with it for some period of time,” Moeller said.

He added that some landscapers know when homeowners aren’t around and slack off. But he added it is the responsibility of the homeowner to stay on top of the situation.

The Kils were found in violation of the district’s deed compliance rule and will face a $250 fine if the property is not brought into compliance. If the fine is not paid and the property is not brought into compliance additional legal remedies could be sought.