Sinkhole in Lake Bonita, burning at Polo Fields raised at CDD 2 meeting

During a question-and-answer session at Thursday’s Community Development District 2 Town Hall meeting, residents had questions about a sinkhole at Lake Bonita and burning on private property near the Villages Polo Fields.

Sam Wartinbee of Property Management said he is aware of the Lake Bonita sinkhole, but that another sinkhole at an irrigation pond at Pimlico Executive Golf Course had taken priority.

He added it can be difficult to get specialty contractors as the Lake Bonita job would require.

Another CDD 2 resident inquired about burning occurring near the Polo Fields.

District Manager Janet Tutt said that the activity is occurring on private property over which the District has no authority. However, she suggested the resident contact the Villages Public Safety Department if there is a concern about where the proper permit has been obtained for the burning.