Several recreation centers in The Villages remain closed due to lack of power

The following recreation centers are still closed:  Moyer, Paradise, Silver Lake, Hilltop and Chula Vista.

The swimming pools will reopen as they pass health and safety inspections.  This process will take several days and we will begin replacing pool furniture as they are cleared for opening.  The following pools are currently open:  La Hacienda Sports Pool, Phillips, Mission Hills, Colony Cottage Sports Pool, Odell, Hadley, Amelia, Dunedin, Pine Hills, Fenney, Mallory, Lake Shore, Virginia Trace, Sabal Chase, Largo Creekside, Sterling Heights, Lake Miona, St. Charles, SeaBreeze, Captiva, Fernandina, Burnsed, Alden Bungalows, Bradenton and Pinellas.