Response to ‘Third generation could be the downfall of The Villages’

To the Editor:
Great article and spot on. Now what?
I’ve been coming to The Villages for 10+ years and purchased a home in Amelia four years ago. The Villages in no longer the friendly hometown it was 10 years ago, even five years ago.
• Too many “under 55”
• Too many “whiners” worrying about a few yard decorations in other neighborhoods instead of minding their own business
• High rents and commissions responsible for much of the “see through” shops in Brownwood
• Greed of the “third generation” to expand instead using the revenue from our “fees,” which by the way have gone up every year for the last two or three, to take care of The Village infrastructure north of 44 like the bridge near Lake Sumter.
• Do the math – 50,000 homes x $150 fee every month = $7,500,000 each month.  Where is it going?
This concerned Villager wants the “old” Villages back.

Len Petty
Village of Amelia