Perceptions about residents and crime north of County Road 466

To the Editor:

We enjoy our winter home on the Historic Side of The Villages. The perception by some, that Historic Side residents must all be in a low income or low-life category, is biased to say the least. Owning a second home in Florida made us choose wisely. Not being pretentious types, we and many others, bought lovely manufactured homes north of 466 that made good financial sense.  A higher incidents of petty crimes this past year is often by low-life from outside The Villages, beginning to find ALL of our areas an easy target. We note that not much is being done to enforce age restrictions for being a permanent resident in The Villages (i.e., parents who buy homes for adult offspring under age 55, with criminal records, often drugs) or allow them to stay indefinitely are doing no one any favors!  Troubled people come from all walks of life and all parts of our Villages. Improved security is no doubt in order, but let’s not lose the wonderful sense of community that has made The Villages so appealing.

Marsha Weber
Village of Country Club Hills