Outraged over Webster’s support for huge increase in federal deficit

To the Editor:

I am outraged that Congressman Webster is supporting the Tax Cut and Jobs Bill recently passed by both the House and the Senate.
Congressman Webster has made it clear in his public comments that he is opposed to increasing the federal deficit.  How can he reconcile increasing the deficit by 1 trillion dollars with “ turning in a portion of his annual salary to “make a point” that the federal government needs to be fiscally prudent. This bill represents the largest transfer of wealth to the top 1 percent of our country from the middle and lower economic class.
The “trickle down economics” it is based on never worked in the past. Over the next 10 years, this bill will trigger massive cuts in Medicare and Social Security to “offset” the deficit in tax revenue created by this bill.  Congressman Webster, please keep ALL of your salary and represent ALL of your constituents, not just the rich donors, and Vote NO for massive tax cuts for the wealthy.

Jean McCarrick
Del Webb Spruce Creek Golf and Country Club