Non-political discussions

Barry Evans
Barry Evans

As we all are aware there are many important subjects that need to be discussed.  Unfortunately, a number of them are not because too many folks get mixed up in debates on politics. Heck, if you listen to some of them, you would be led to believe that a certain group of politicians would lead us to greater glory.

Usually though when the rhetoric settles down, everyone admits in their deepest inner self that we are not going to be led to glory by any specific bunch of politicians – or even a single one.

I believe that sometimes it is better for life’s enjoyment to contemplate subjects that have a less deep turmoil embedded in their discussion. Life only goes on so long so the more simpler pleasures should be enjoyed, and perhaps leave the political tumult to specific times. For example, every other Friday evening between 6:00 and 6:15 could be set aside for political discussions.  This time would be mandatory for elected officials and TV news shows. Can you imagine the peace and harmony that would pervade our very existence should this occur?  I bet more would get done as well.

That would give us more time to have a healthy discussion of a subject like “what is the best pop?”  That is just one example of what would make for a lively discussion.  I should note at this point that “pop” is the proper nomenclature for the pleasant drinks of many flavors.  Some people, due to unfortunate choices of where they grew up (not always their fault), may believe that the word should be “soda.” They are mistaken, of course!  I have had a few folks in my time try to convince me that I was wrong.  I simply point out that whoever heard of a “Sodasicle.”

Now that point is clarified, I would like to lead a dialogue on what is the best tasting pop.  My argument would be for root beer, birch beer and cream soda.  I am ready to meet all challengers who go for a cola or some other nondescript drink.  Not only are the three I mention flavorsome, but they have different bouquets – just like wine, only better.  Anyone can buy a can or bottle of root beer for example, but it does not mean that they get the best root beer.  Most of them are merely flavored sugar water.  Others like one made in Australia and another made right here in the USA have actual ingredients that bring a pungent sensitivity to your palate.  People need to expand their horizons in this enigmatic area.

The same thing applies to cream soda.  You would be amazed at the different drinks in this variety that would awaken your taste buds – most of which have been deadened by a grating cola drink.  I will admit that many of you may not be acquainted with birch beer as it is mostly consumed in the northeastern part of the U.S.  However, that does not mean that you should not pursue this pop (which is not related to root beer, except perhaps in pursuit of happiness).  You can buy it in this area, and you too can then enjoy a search for the ultimate “birch beer.”

I recognize that many of you would probably prefer to discuss another subject of a non-political nature.  I simply pointed out one of many.  The bottom line is that I believe that you would prefer to have a low key discussion rather than listen in disbelief to a hyperactive discussion that his or her political party will lead us to Nirvana.

In any case, I would!

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