This is no way to run a government

Congressman Daniel Webster

This week, we will also be voting on a funding bill to keep government programs and operations funded.
This summer, the House passed 12 appropriations bills that fund the entire federal government and provide spending direction to each agency. This was the first time in nearly a decade that the U.S. House followed the transparent, fiscally responsible process the Founding Fathers envisioned.
Due to the Senate not completing its work to develop their own funding bills or take up the House’s bills, Congress is set to take up a Continuing Resolution to run the government for an additional two weeks beyond the current Dec. 8 deadline. I am disappointed that we are once again faced with a Continuing Resolution that keeps the spigot of government funding flowing and allows agencies to follow their own path independent of proper congressional oversight. These Continuing Resolutions also cripple our federal agencies with uncertainty, especially the Pentagon, and deprive Congress of its ability to scrutinize the dollars being spent.
I oppose using Continuing Resolutions as our budget process. Hardworking taxpayers make tough spending decisions within their family and business budgets and expect their representatives will do the same when funding our massive federal government. I hope in 2018, the House will start the transparent appropriations process our Founding Father’s designed swiftly and the Senate will do the same. This will allow us to fulfill our responsibility to produce and pass responsible funding bills that put the United States on the path to restoring the American Dream for our children and grandchildren.

Congressman Daniel Webster represents The Villages in the U.S. House of Representatives.