Mother, daughter sharing Villages home contend neighbors should have brought complaints directly to them

A mother and daughter forced to share a home in the Village of Mira Mesa contend that neighbors who lodged anonymous complaints against them, should have brought those complaints directly to them.

Patti Shaffer’s home at 1204 Zapata Place was the subject of a public hearing Wednesday before the Village Center Community Development District Board of Supervisors.

Complaints had been received about fencing and lattice structures at the home.

A blue tarp and makeshift structure around the carport have generated complaints at 1204 Zapata Place.

Shaffer had applied for permission for those items with the Architectural Review Committee, but it was denied.

Shaffer’s daughter said she had been forced to make a quick move into her mother’s house after she lost her home to foreclosure.

Shaffer’s daughter said her mother, who is in her 90s, recently had back surgery and has clots in her legs.

At one point she wept when she described the situation at her mother’s home.

She said they had been hurt that “never once” did anyone complain directly to them about the situation.

Instead, neighbors used the anonymous complaint process which is designed to preserve harmony in the neighborhood, according to District officials.

VCCDD supervisors agreed to give Shaffer 60 days to bring the property into compliance. If it is not brought into compliance, she could face fines and other legal action.