‘Love and Marriage’ at Savannah Center will benefit SoZo Kids

“Love and marriage”  – like the songs says, “you can’t have one without the other.”

That’s one explanation but Smash Productions, with a host of local talent, will present more musical philosophy on romance and wedded bliss, Jan. 16 at 7 p.m. in the Savannah Center.

Carolyn Hoffman and Alex Scopino rehearse for "Love and Marriage" show.
Carolyn Hoffman and Alex Scopino rehearse for “Love and Marriage” show.

This show will feature everything from the lyrical elegance of “My Fair Lady” to the swirling hips of the Aloha ‘O Ka Hula Dancers. Proceeds will benefit SoZo Kids.

Carolyn Hoffman and Susan Feinberg head the Smash Productions Theatre Company. They have put together a big and talented cast for “Love and Marriage.”

The set list includes such standards as:

“You Make Me Feel So Young,” performed by Bill Davis; “The Man That Got Away,” by Bonnie Williams; “A Wonderful Guy,” by Billie Thatcher.

Other performers include: Alex Scopino, Sally Spieth, Bill Krone, Bob Stehman, Chris Bolus, Gillian Bolus, Laurie Scheben, Phil Caltabellotta, Phyllis Kalter, Roy Bill, and the Kevin O’Connell Trio.