Law enforcement called to disturbance at laundromat at La Plaza Grande

Lady Lake police responded Sunday to a disturbance at a laundromat at La Plaza Grande in The Villages.

A 36-year-old woman and her 64-year-old mother, who both reside in The Villages, summoned police at about noon to the Rock N Wash Laundromat at 982 Bichara Blvd., claiming they had been attacked verbally and physically, according to an incident report from the Lady Lake Police Department.

A man told police that he waited for a washer to finish its cycle and asked loudly to whom the clothes belonged. No one answered, so he put the clothes into a cart near the machine. He then put his clothes into the washer and started washing them.

The Rock N Wash Laundromat at La Plaza Grande

Five minutes later the women returned and started screaming, “Who touched our clothes?”

The man explained what he had done and the daughter began cursing and screaming and moved at him in a “threatening manner.”

Meanwhile, other customers began telling the women they should not leave their clothes unattended.

The police were able to de-escalate the situation and there were no arrests.