Intoxicated woman arrested after attack on man in Ocala

An intoxicated woman was arrested after attacking a man in Ocala.

Danielle Cancel
Danielle Cancel

A Marion County sheriff’s deputies responded Tuesday to a residence located on NW Hwy. 225A in reference to an assault, according to an arrest report. Upon arrival, deputies made contact with the victim who advised that he and 35-year-old Danielle Marie Cancel were involved in a verbal altercation that turned physical. He then stated that Cancel had consumed alcohol most of the night and “passed out” on the back porch, the report stated. The victim said he helped Cancel back inside the residence when she became very verbal and aggressive toward him. To avoid an altercation, he picked up a child and exited the residence. As he left the residence, Cancel followed him, striking him in the back several times and causing a small laceration directly in the middle of his upper back.The deputy observed fresh blood on the laceration and what appeared to be a fingernail gouge. Cancel then “chased” him for some time all while striking him several times with open hands. Prior to being chased, the victim advised that Cancel “punched” him in his testicles causing him extreme pain for several minutes and even vomiting.

The deputy made contact with Cancel, who appeared to be intoxicated and had slurred speech. She did not deny an altercation with the victim but denied being physical with him. She told the deputy that during the altercation, the victim “pushed” her into the bathtub, causing her to hit her head, according to the report. Deputies were unable to locate any injuries consistent with her allegations. When asked about the laceration to the victim’s back, Cancel did not deny “chasing” the victim out of the residence and said she was trying to get the child.

Cancel was placed under arrest and transported to Marion County Jail.