Hey, Marsha!  The greatest lie ever told to the American people started with, ‘If you like your doctor…’

To the Editor:

When a bad acorn falls from a random live oak tree, the tiny vibrations created from its impacting the ground sometimes trigger another Trump back-stab letter from Marsha.  Every molecule of Marsha’s existence is seething with disgust and frustration caused by anything and everything related to President Trump, so it doesn’t take much to provoke another one of her two-faced contributions.
Marsha claims that Trump lied about Obama’s achieving a 3 percent quarterly growth eight times during his eight years.  Really!  As a business owner who achieved more than a 8 percent quarterly growth, I think Obama and Marsha are claiming an achievement that actually belongs to small business owners like myself.  Obama did nothing to assist economic growth; so any measurable growth occurred in spite of his administration.  During the time period of the Obama administration, an average of one American per day, 2900 plus,  died due to the actions of illegal ALIENS, Obama allowed to stay here.
Do you think reporting of a miserable economic performance of 3 percent growth, 25 percent of the time, one way or the other, is more important than illegal’s killing Americans!
Marsha thinks the President uses 5th grade vocabulary and syntax .  Possibly, I would have to agree that Al Franken and John Conyers are significantly more articulate, than the President, when stating that they are sorry, but not willing to resign for the sexual abuses they have committed.  Nancy Pelosi wants Conyers to resign, but not Al Franken.  Why hasn’t Shearer demanded they both resign?  The President’s syntax is about number 800 on the list of American’s concerns; sexual abuse by politicians and the slush fund to pay for it are probably in the top ten.  Put Uranium One in the top ten as well.
To say that the Democratic party is headed in the wrong direction would be totally wrong.  It has no clue of any direction to follow and no leadership to guide it, if it had one.  The Democratic party is responsible for President Trump’s election.  Now it’s time to live with the consequences.  One of my consequences is getting interest on my IRA, something that did not happen during any of Obama’s supposed 3 percent economic growth periods.  I did not have to use a liberal-biased source like PolitiFact to cherry-pick that information.
Perhaps before going stage-4 inflammatory pontification on whether a president is truthful, Shearer should remember the greatest lie ever told to the American people started with, “If you like your doctor…”

Gary Gardner
Village of Winifred