Helen Neibert Dexter

Helen Neibert Dexter, 86, of Wildwood, FL, passed away on Wednesday, April 19, 2017. She was born March 14, 1931 in Buffalo, New York and moved to West Lafayette, Indiana when she was 3 years old. As a high school senior, she began her business career as a teller for the First Merchants Bank of Lafayette. After graduating she began working for Morris Plan Indianapolis rising to head teller. While working for Morris Plan she attended Indiana University, pursuing a course of study in accounting. While in Indianapolis, Helen was married for a time to Don E. Hess of Brook, Indiana. They had one son, Scott Lee Hess. She returned to West Lafayette, working in bookkeeping and accounting roles for the West Lafayette School Corporation, Lafayette Instrument, and the local television station, WLFI-TV. She married Jacob A. Dexter in 1977.

Upon their retirement, Helen and Jake moved to Florida where she pursued her hobbies of painting and golf. She and Jake also enjoyed trips to casinos where she was the Queen of the one-armed bandits. Sadly, Jake preceded her in death and her later years were complicated with several medical issues. Despite this, her friends and family all note that Helen had a great sense of humor. It didn’t matter if she was the one telling the joke or if the joke was on her. She loved to laugh and to make others laugh.

Helen is survived by her brother, Joseph K. Neibert and her stepson, James Dexter, nephews and nieces, and step grandchildren. Helen will be entombed alongside her son in Boynton Beach.

In keeping with her wishes, there will be no ceremony or services. Her family asks that her friends remember her whenever they are out on the golf course or perhaps when the opportunity presents itself to throw a quarter in your favorite slot machine while thinking of her. We’re sure she will bring you luck.