Growth in The Villages is not great

To the Editor:

The Daily Sun heralds growth in The Villages as the best thing since sliced bread. But, the developer and its Daily Sun cheerleaders never mention the awful downside.
You think roads are clogged now – wait until 30,000 new residents arrive. The unmerciful clogging of streets will demand wider roads, new interchanges, by-passes, tunnels, turn-lanes, etc.  Guess who pays for this?
You think the hospital has long waits now in the ER, just wait until new residents demand service. The current hospital is overwhelmed – we need another 300 bed hospital now, regardless of new residents.
You think you bought into a safe and genteel “lifestyle” – but soon you will live in a big city with all the urban problems you thought you left behind.
You think your taxes are OK now, wait until the politicians decide they need new offices, library, jail, firemen, police, pensions, pay raises, etc.
You don’t like the water conservation measures due to the drought and short-sighted politicians who licensed a company to pump 500,000 gallons a day from our aquifer.  And, the waterfall at Hilltop pool was shut down because the aquifer is down 10 inches.  What do you think will happen when 30,000 new residents turn on their taps?  We will need a desalination plant when the aquifer runs low and has salt-water infiltration.  Cost to you: tens of millions of dollars.
We don’t need these growth problems. I don’t want to be the fastest growing community in the country. I like it right now, the way it is, my hometown.
Please, developer, stop building and make that move to Texas.

Joe Gorman
Village of Santo Domingo