It’s good to know our homes are well built

Letter to the Editor:

All too often, many of us are eager to criticize the Developer for the speed at which they build our homes.
Ten years ago, when we purchased our home, we were told these homes met stringent building codes to be able to withstand hurricane winds up to 135 or 145 mph. My husband and I have often thought this was just a marketing ploy. After last night, with Hurricane Irma barreling through The Villages, we are now firm believers that these homes truly are built well, even if they are built quickly!
It sounded like a freight train outside! The winds were howling. Our house did not shake, did not rattle. We felt very safe and secure and we are in a FRAME ranch! I can only imagine how secure the poured concrete or concrete block homes are.
We are exceptionally impressed with how well-built our ranch is. We have absolutely no structural damage of any kind! We had significant landscape damage, but no damage to the house itself. Plus, we are very close to the peak of one of the few hills in The Villages, so I assume we would be buffeted more than a home which sits lower and is more protected. Good to know our homes are well-built.

Deb Zaranti
Village of Amelia