Golf cart scraped while parked at Colony Plaza

To the Editor:

Approximately 10:50 a.m., Dec. 4, I parked my golf cart near T&D Pool and Spa at Colony Plaza.  I shared a space with another golf cart that was in the left forward position.  I took the rear right position.  There was a golf cart in the right forward position in the adjoining space next to the other cart in my shared space.  There was plenty of room for the cart I shared a space with to exit.  I was away from my cart less than seven minutes.  When I returned the cart I shared a space with was gone and the driver’s side of my golf cart was scraped all the way to the back.  The individual did not even leave a note.  I have an appointment to get the repairs made.  I estimate it will cost about $200.

Just because we are retired and living the good life does not dismiss us from being responsible citizens.  Please be courteous and own up to your mistakes.  If you damage someone’s property at least leave a note with your phone number and offer to pay for the damages.

Cheryl Wade
Village of Largo