Golf cart drivers cheer removal of speed bump at busy tunnel in The Villages

Villagers in golf carts are cheering the removal of a speed bump from a tunnel at Mariposa Way and Morse Boulevard near the Morse Boulevard bridge.

The speed bump was removed after a vote last week by the Community Development District 5 Board of Supervisors.

A speed bump has been removed from a tunnel near the Morse Boulevard bridge.

Golf cart drivers were surprised Wednesday as they approached the tunnel’s exit and discovered the speed bump was gone. Many golf cart drivers gave the “thumbs up” sign when they realized the dreaded speed bump had been removed.

Still slowing down traffic at this location is a temporary large triangular-shaped item, put in place at the tunnel as water continues to be pumped out of Lake Sumter in the aftermath of Hurricane Irma. A divider in the tunnel will remain in place, at least as long as the pumping continues.

CDD 5 has been aggressively removing speed bumps on multi-modal paths in The Villages.

The board has previously ordered the removal of speed bumps at the entrance to the Village of Bridgeport at Lake Sumter, at the tunnel near Palmer Legends Country Club and the removal of rumble strips at the Belvedere Boulevard tunnel.

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