Gisela S. Padget

Gisela [Katharina Weber] Silloway Padget, of The Villages, FL, crossed over to her next life on November 30. The Lord granted her wish that her spirit be freed from the frail, illness ravaged body in which it had been trapped for many months. She died peacefully at The Villages Hospice House surrounded by her loving husband Dennis Padget; daughter Karen Mantooth; son Michael Silloway; and in-laws Barry Mantooth and Karen Silloway.

Gisela was an extraordinary lady. She was wise in the ways of life and spirit, and able to share that wisdom with compassion and empathy. She was caring, but knew when frankness was the better approach. She was loving and steadfast even in the face of disappointment. Her smile and laugh were infectious, with calming and uplifting effect. She had an endless zest for life which she generously shared with everyone she met. It was the rare person who could resist being drawn to this vibrant and beautiful lady.

Illness was Gisela’s constant companion throughout life. Weak retinas compromised her vision, and Meniere’s Syndrome limited her hearing the past decade. She survived lung cancer in 2011, only to learn that a highly resistant bacterium would continue to cause respiratory distress. Her main regret was that these ailments interfered with her ability to interact with family and friends to the fullest extent.

Gisela met each medical challenge with grit and determination. She had an amazing capacity to steadfastly remain optimistic and hopeful. She was adamant that nothing would limit her independence or interfere with her active participation in life. Alas, despite her remarkably strong will and heart, the lung infection took its toll with increasing severity throughout 2017; Gisela’s hope began to dim in late August and became a desire for release of spirit and soul soon thereafter.

Gisela touched a great many lives in a loving and caring way during her lifetime, and a countless number of people are missing her physical presence today. We are blessed to have shared many years of happiness with this wise, vibrant, self-assured, beautiful lady.

Gisela is survived by two sisters Else and Helga; and a brother Gunter; still living in her birth country of Germany. She’s lovingly remembered by her husband Dennis; daughter Karen; son Michael; and in-laws Barry and Karen. She’s also survived by a step-son Ehren Padget. She loves eleven grandchildren: Waylen, Bryan, Alison, Justin, Michael Jr., Brittany, Evan, Leah, Kyra, Madeline and Clare; and eight great-grandchildren: Emily, Ely, Grayson, Axel, Paisley, Hayden, Ariya and Payton.