Why are full-time residents always penalized?

To the Editor:

I would like to know WHY the powers that be see fit to close the Savannah pool from May 1 to the end of June AND the Hacienda pool as well for the same time period for “resurfacing, etc”.  WHY NOT DO THAT WHEN IT IS TOO COLD TO SWIM OR EXERCISE OR PLAY VOLLEYBALL?  Like in the winter months…January to February?  Why are the full time residents ALWAYS penalized and have to find somewhere else to play or exercise during the warmer months?  It shouldn’t take two months either to resurface a pool…usually only a maximum of 4 weeks which would INCLUDE changing out all of the tile. 

But 2 months?  Really?

P.S. Don’t send me hate mail for asking….we have been full time residents for almost 16 years and don’t feel driving to the way south of The Villages to find a place to play water volleyball.

Cecily Kirkland
Village of Springdale West