Frankie Brin Financial Wins FHC 70s A State Championship

Frankie Brin Financial 70s traveled to Lakeland, Florida on Dec. 2-3 to participate in the 60s+ State Championship. FBF won the A Bracket State Championship with a 3-1 record.

The format to determine a State Champion in the top bracket of the 70s was head to head competition with Fl. Venom even though there were 3 teams in the top bracket.

Saturday’s first game was a 26-16 win over Diamonds are Forever. FBF won the second game 22-12 over Florida Venom. On Sunday Diamonds are Forever forfeited to FBF 7-0. In the final game of the day, Florida Venom won over FBF 16-15.

The 2017 FHC 70s State Champion Player

Since FBF won the first contest by a 10-run margin, the Fl. Venom needed to win the 2nd contest by 11 runs. They only won the game by 1 run making FBF the State Champion.

Outstanding hitting (averaged over 20 runs per game) and excellent defense was the key to our success. Ed Krisha did an outstanding job pitching all 3 games.

Spokesperson Dick Kanyan stated that FBF had an outstanding tournament, an outstanding year with 30 wins and 6 losses and were named Team of the year in the 70s bracket.

“We want to thank Frankie Brin, Frenchie LeTan, and Mgr. Jack Marx for the opportunity to play on the FBF 70s team and we look forward to playing with the FBF 74s in January,” said Kanyan.

Players moving to the 74s are Chino Blanco, Roy Hern, Dick Kanyan, Roger Scott, Rod Severson, and Bob Thomas.

Leading hitters: Dick Kanyan 1.000 (6-6), Ralph Hollis 1.000 (1-1), Linwood Manning .909 (10- 11) 3 doubles, Dave Sellars (.818), 2 OTF HR, 4 doubles, and 12 RBI, Jim Greco (.778), 2 doubles, Bob Buchanan (.727), Carter Honkonen and John Rebardo (.700) John 2 doubles, Roger Scott and Darrel Smith (.667), Darrel 3 doubles, Floyd Williams (.583), Ed Krisha (.556), Chino Blanco, Gary Nicolay, and Rod Severson (.500).