Ex-wife of man accused of stealing Villagers’ jewelry urges judge to throw the book at him

The ex-wife of an electrician who allegedly stole jewelry from Villagers while working on projects at their homes, has urged the judge in the case to throw the book at her former husband.

Michael Allen Evans
Michael Allen Evans

Michael Allen Evans, 48, was arrested last year at a job site in the Village of Fernandina as Sumter County sheriff’s deputies were investigating the theft of $13,500 worth of rings from a woman’s bedroom in the Village of Duval. Evans had been at the woman’s home, working for Integrity Electrical Contracting, adding an electrical circuit to the lanai of her home.

After a story with a photo of Evans was published on www.villages-news.com, the sheriff’s office began receiving calls from Villagers who had Integrity Electrical Contracting perform work at their homes and shortly thereafter discovered they were missing valuable rings.

Evans is facing multiple charges of grand theft and remains free on bond.

His ex-wife, Mary Evans who lives in Ohio, has written to Judge William Hallman III who is presiding in her former husband’s case.

“I have taken much time and thought in the writing of this letter,” the mother of Evans’ two grown children wrote.

She claims that her then-husband stole from construction sites in Kentucky back in the early 1990s. Her father hired an attorney for Evans and he got off with a “slap on the wrist.” Her husband continued “shoplifting” and “stealing tools from employers,” she wrote.

She said she was lured into crime by her then-husband.

“Then drugs came into our lives,” she wrote.

She and her then-husband wound up behind bars in Florida after a “crime spree” along Interstate 75. When her husband was released, he was extradited back to Kentucky where her father offered to pay his restitution and give him a fresh start with his children, whom her parents had cared for, according to her letter.

“Instead he took cash for a bus ticket,” she wrote.

When she was released, she went to work. She said her ex-husband continued in a life of crime.

She said the Villagers he allegedly stole jewelry from aren’t his only victims. She said his children, now 22 and 24, are also victims.

“He isn’t going to stop,” she warned.

You can read her entire letter at this link: Mary Evans Letter to Judge William Hallman III

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