Dumbing down of Villages golf courses

To the Editor:

Championship courses seem to be responding to complaints about course difficulty by “dumbing down” the course. There are many examples of our courses “adjusting” to these complaints by removing trees, pushing back hazards and the like. Mallory openly modified several holes, Palmer never replaced a tree that guarded a green, Belle Glade has cut back hazards. I understand that the courses want to encourage play, thereby increasing revenues. For many of us, “dumbing down” the course makes it less attractive to play. For those who (apparently) over-value a low score, there already exist forward tees, large diameter holes and executive courses. Use those tees and courses, don’t bring down all courses to your level of play.
If, the golf course proprietors insist on making the courses less challenging, at least re-address the Slope Ratings so that they fairly represent the true course difficulty.

Dana Lambillotte
Village of St. Charles