Drinking and driving has got to stop in The Villages

To the Editor:

Weekly and almost daily we read about a Villager driving their cart or car while intoxicated. Most of the time there is only property damage, but it has resulted in deaths. No one should drive while impaired either by prescribed drugs or alcohol. That being said I think it is time to hold bartenders responsible for serving patrons that are intoxicated. I don’t want to hear, “Well, we cannot control what they drink when they leave our bar.” If you have spent anytime at a couple of the bars in Lake Sumter Landing around closing time you will see people who should have been cut off earlier in the night.
Recently there was a light pole in my area that was knocked down for the umpteenth time. I mentioned it to the night gate attendant and he said “You can tell when —— closes by the crazy driving I see.”
We had one lady killed and a young man’s life ruined lately and it is time for it to stop and we must start holding bars and bartenders partially responsible.

Bill Kincaid
Village of Poinciana