District’s new video emphasizes golf cart safety in The Villages

The Villages District office has created a new video emphasizing golf cart safety in The Villages.

You can watch the video at the link below:

“In a community of over 90,000 residents, golf cart safety is important both on the multimodal paths and on the roadways. To encourage golf cart safety, we have several educational materials available to help inform both residents and guests about safety,” the district said in issuing the video.

The video tackles topics including texting and driving, walking pets while in your golf cart, drinking and speed limits.

 There have been a number of golf cart accidents recently, including one Friday that saw one Villager arrested and another woman sent to a local trauma center. You can read about that accident at the link below:


Golf cart safety brochures are available in the Customer Service Center located at 3201 Wedgewood Lane.

In addition, more Villagers are looking at installing seatbelts in their golf carts. You can read about that at the link below: