Couple from United Kingdom enjoy golfing success on two continents

Mike Green is an international golfer.

He and his wife Annie spend six months in The Villages and six months in the United Kingdom and play plenty of golf in both places.

He plays as much golf as he can, and that is quite a lot.

He spends a lot of time on the golf course and even when he is home, he is close to a golf course,

Mike and Annie Green
Mike and Annie Green

“We live on the fourth tee of Orange Blossom Hills Country Club in the Village of Country Club Hills,” Mike explained.

The Greens have lived in that location for the past 15 years.

Green has accomplished six holes-in-one in his career.

Annie, who won the 2004 Orange Blossom Hills ladies’ championship, has four aces in to her credit.

Mike’s most recent hole-in-one came on the 15th hole at Black Bear Golf Club in Eustis on Dec. 21. It was his first ace in the United States.

Annie has two in the United Kingdom and two in the states.

Mike Green celebrates a hole-in-one.
Mike Green celebrates a hole-in-one.

Mike’s holes-in-one in the United Kingdom came on five different courses. He had two at Banstead Downs Golf Course and one each at Oaks Park Golf Club, Cavendish Golf Club and Chobham Golf Club.

“My hole-in-one this month was on a short 110-yard hole,” Green said.

Green and his playing partners had a great view of the ball going into the hole.

“It hit a small bank right of the green and tracked in. It went straight to the pin like it was on a string,” Green said. “We saw it go in and everybody started jumping around. We were playing with Ken and Mary Lou Ash. Ken started yelling ‘go in, go in, hollered yeah and started jumping about.’.”

Mike was extremely happy with his latest hole-in-one.

“It was in a tournament that I was running on behalf of the Village Golf Club,” Mike said. “The Villages Golf Club also run a hole-in-one pot where everyone puts in a dollar, and if you get hole-in-one in a Villages Golf Club tournament, you scoop the pool.”

Mike won $232 from the pool.

Mike is proud of the fact that none of his six holes-in-one came in open play.

“All were either in club or Open tournaments – none in social golf,” he said. “In the United Kingdom, lots of clubs run Open tournaments. Here in the United States, I think they call them Invitationals. There are so many, there is a dedicated website – Golf Empire – that keeps you informed of everything.”