Complaints about dogs running loose and golf carts destroying grass

To the Editor:

These “running-loose dogs, destructive” dogs are actually small (under 20) who all are totally under adult supervision.  The golf carts have been going down there for years and this is the first time that the grass has been a problem—it’s because there IS NO RAIN!!!!
We adults enjoy the company of other dog-loving adults (just like those who go to sunset point every evening to drink wine and socialize) and, at the same time, let our little furry friends socialize with the friends that they have had–and love–for several years.  We all carry plastic bags and clean up any waste that they have, whether it be my dog or someone else’s.
It’s really a shame that these complainers (by the way, the closest home to this area is about two blocks away—can’t see how it affects any of those homeowners) don’t have something better to do than complain about dogs that doesn’t even concern them.  There are SO many activities in the Villages that seniors can get involved in—why don’t they do SOMETHING to keep themselves busy–if they did that, they wouldn’t have time for this silly nonsense. By the way, we haven’t lost a dog yet! We are a very responsible group of ADULTS (we’re NOT children who have to be supervised) who love our animals and feel that they, too, need socialization and a little fresh air in the evening. What happened to the term “the friendliest hometown in America.” Let’s get it back to that, huh? Find something to occupy your time, folks!

Sharon Applegate
Village of Santo Domingo