Casey Affleck in a sinking ship in ‘Manchester by the Sea’

Jack Petro
Jack Petro

Lee Chandler (Casey Affleck) is a loser.  He works as a janitor in an apartment complex in Quincy, Mass. where he toils scraping ice off sidewalks. He lost his three children in a fire caused by his neglect.  He is divorced.

But his recently departed brother, Joe, did not see him that way.  In his will, he named Lee guardian for his teen-aged son Patrick (Lucas Hedges) with sufficient funds to provide for him to maturity.  Lee finally finds purpose, but is at odds with Patrick’s rock band and his freelance sexual exploits. 

"Manchester by the Sea" is showing at the Rialto Theater.
“Manchester by the Sea” is showing at the Rialto Theater.

The plot becomes soggy.

Affleck’s performance is flat—might have been directed so—which dulls the edges of all his scenes. M-b-t-Sea is a lack luster melodrama which barely gets a C rating.

Currently the show is appearing at The Rialto in The Villages.

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