Busy signals, no patrols during power outage in The Villages

To the Editor:

We found out after the aftermath of Irma,  that an uprooted tree is the cause of the power outage in Summerhill. Neighbors were all trying to contact SECO about the power outage, however we were constantly met with a busy signal. One of my neighbors finally got through and said it could take up to 2 weeks to get power back. One of many questions is why we were met with so many busy signals from SECO to report an outage, why do they not have computerized system like many others to gather information? Another question is why is not the VCDD neighborhood watch or the sheriff’s dept. patrolling this area more especially in the evening, as I have been outside now since darkness fell and yet to see some type of patrol?

Brian Kochanski
Village of Summerhill