Boresch claims second Sun Bowl victory in Villages

Sometimes when you are waiting on the Western Union man, you get worried when the messenger is late getting to you.

Although Lennie Boresch Jr., led all the way from gate-to-wire in winning the 2017 UnitedHealthcare PBA50 Sun Bowl in The Villages, he had to wait a moment for help to arrive.

In the 10th frame of the final game against Bob Learn Jr., Boresch had to wait for the 10-pin to fall before he could celebrate a win.

At just the right moment, the messenger pin slid across and kicked out the remaining pin and the victory belonged to Boresch.

After Learn ran into a meaningless split in his final frame, Boresch won the championship game 264-213.

Brian Ducat, Lennie Boresch, Jr. and Larry Ducat, from left.
Brian Ducat, Lennie Boresch, Jr. and Larry Ducat, from left.

For Boresch it was his third PBA50 victory and his second in the Sun Bowl as he won the 2012 Sun Bowl in his PBA50 debut.

Boresch, who led all four rounds of qualifying and match play entering the stepladder finals, was on top of the leaderboard the entire tournament.

“It’s a relief, even though I have been bowling pretty well. You never know when the opportunity will come again,” Boresch said. “I just focused and stayed with what got me here.”

Boresch went on an eight-strike streak beginning in the third frame of the final game.

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Learn qualified fifth and had to make his way through the higher qualifiers to get to the No. 1 Boresch for the championship.

He defeated Darin Hays 199-173, Sam Maccarone 287-185  and Parker Bohn III 279-245.

“The way Learn was bowling, I thought I might be in trouble,” Boresch said. “Ironically, I bowled my lowest games of the tournament on the championship pair. All I knew was I was going to have to strike because he was lined up. This feels so good. The last four times I have been second in the championship game.”

Learn took awhile to get lined up before the final game.

“He took eight practice balls and dried the lanes out a little,” Learn said. “By the time, I got reorganized, it was too late. I had a couple of nice games on that pair.”


Final Standings:
1. Lennie Boresch Jr., Kenosha, Wis. $7,500.
2. Bob Learn Jr., Erie, Pa., $4,000.
3. Parker Bohn III, Jackson, N.J., $3,000.
4, Sam Maccarone, Blackwood, N.J., $2,000.
5. Darin Hays, Wesley Chapel, Fla., $1,750.

Stepladder Results:
Match One – Learn def. Hays, 199-173.
Match Two – Learn def. Maccarone, 278-185.
Semifinal Match – Learn def. Bohn, 279-245.
Championship – Boresch def. Learn, 264-213.

(Top five advanced to stepladder finals. Includes match play record and 32-game pinfall total including bonus)

1. Lennie Boresch Jr., Kenosha, Wis., 13-3, 8,222.
2. Parker Bohn III, Jackson, N.J., 13-3, 8,087.
3. Sam Maccarone, Blackwood, N.J., 10-5-1, 7,815.
4. Darin Hays, Wesley Chapel, Fla., 9-7, 7,795.
5. Bob Learn Jr., Erie, Pa., 8-7-1, 7,787.
6. Amleto Monacelli, Venezuela, 9-6-1, 7,771, $1,700.
7. Hugh Miller, Mercer Island, Wash., 9-7, 7,768, $1,600.
8. Peter Knopp, Germany, 8-8, 7,707, $1,550.
9. Bo Goergen, Sanford, Mich., 10-6, 7,702, $1,500.
10. Walter Ray Williams Jr., Oxford, Fla., 7-8-1, 7,692, $1,475.
11. Danny Clark, New Palestine, Ind., 9-6-1, 7,665, $1,450.
12. Bryan Goebel, Shawnee, Kan., 7-8-1, 7,658, $1,425.
13. Michael Haugen Jr., Phoenix, 8-8, 7,597, $1,400.
14. Jerry Brunette Jr., Rochester, N.Y., 10-6, 7,576, $1,380.
15. Mike Dias, Lafayette, Colo., 9-6-1, 7,557, $1,360.
16. Ron Mohr, Las Vegas, 7-9, 7,392, $1,350.