‘Blithe Spirit’ at The Melon Patch in Leesburg tells tale of ghostly deceased spouse

Jack Petro
Jack Petro

Novelist Charles Condomine is outlining his newest work which delves into the occult.  He hires reported seer Madam Arcati to perform a séance to gather some firsthand knowledge.  Guests Mr. and Mrs. Bradman are invited to be witnesses.

Arcati (Jan Sheldon) does more than required. She unwittingly materializes Charles’ first wife, Elvira, who has been deceased for seven years.  Elvira can only be seen by Charles.

"Blithe Spirit" runs at The Melon Patch through May 28.
“Blithe Spirit” runs at The Melon Patch through May 28.

The ghost is determined to make life miserable for Ruth (Jessa Dodds), Charles’s current wife. Elvira plots Charles’ death by an accident so he can join her in eternity.  The plot thickens as Ruth ends up joining Elvira on the other side of the veil.

The set at The Melon Patch is exceptional.  Sound and voice projection are more than adequate.

Charley Haterman is a last minute substitute for the lead role.  He was wired which caused some delays on his line delivery.  This should disappear in the next performance or so.

The veteran Sheldon handles her role with ease and gets the honors for best performance.  Dodds is extra sharp on line delivery.  The Bradmans are played by Chris Lowry and Marni Whitehead.

Noel Coward’s plays rarely make it to the local circuit, so if you want to see one of Coward’s better scripts, get down to The Melon Patch in Leesburg. The show runs through May 28.  For further information visit www.melonpatchplayers.org.

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