‘America’s Got Talent’ encouraging Villagers to apply to audition for popular TV show

NBC-TV, once again with a little help from Villages-News.com, is looking to spotlight talent in The Villages.

“America’s Got Talent,” is searching for new performers for its upcoming season and contacted Villages-News.com for some help.

"America's Got Talent" is looking for performers from The Villages.
“America’s Got Talent” is looking for performers from The Villages.

“We’re casting for the upcoming season and we love seniors,” said Justin Reed, who works for the hit television show, which will be going into its 13th season. “We know there are a lot of talented people in The Villages and we want them to try out.”
He added that people of any age can apply for an audition. Here’s how, according to Reed:

“We are looking for all types of talent including, but not limited to: Comedians, singers, dancers, ventriloquist, variety acts, dangerous stunts, acrobats, and the list goes on.

“Anything that is entertaining has a potential spot on the show.”

If interested email: justinrcasting@gmail.com with the following: Name, location and videos of your talent.

Fernando Varela got his big break on "America's Got Talent."
Fernando Varela got his big break on “America’s Got Talent.”

Fernando Varela got his big break on “America’s Got Talent” four years ago. Also, last year, NBC-TV contacted Villages-News.com trying to reach Villager Larry Rivellese. He eventually appeared in June on Steve Harvey’s NBC show, “Little Big Shots, Forever Young.”
That program found out about Rivellese after seeing a story and video on Villages-News.com.

Varela, a Villages’ favorite, appeared on “America’s Got Talent”  with the group Forte in 2013 and is now an international singing star.
“We love success stories like that,” Reed said.