Do these actions represent you?

Marsha Shearer
Marsha Shearer

Republicans in Congress finally kept their promise…no, not the one about working collaboratively for the American people, not the one about increasing jobs and repairing our infrastructure, and not the one about improving our immigration system. No…not those. Instead they finally voted to repeal a law that has given 22 million uninsured people access to health care. They don’t give a damn that people with serious health conditions will again be denied coverage. They don’t care that insurance companies will return to using annual and lifetime caps on coverage. And screw the folks who need expensive medications – heck – if it’s that important, let them eat cat food! And let’s assure there is no future middle class since 18-26 year olds will either pay massive premiums or go bankrupt trying to pay hospital bills. House and Senate Republicans are happy to allow insurance companies return to taking huge profits through higher premiums while providing less care.

If that isn’t enough, they brag about defunding health care clinics that serve 2.7 million men and women every year. Pardon the pun, but this is sickening.

Congressional Republicans are actually proud of their actions. Imagine that. And remember that.

Do these actions reflect the America you want to live in? Are you and your family being represented in Congress? David Koller, Democratic candidate for Florida’s 11th Congressional District, will fight to assure that health care remains a right for all and not a privilege for the rich.

Of course Republicans know that the President will veto the legislation and that Congress does not have sufficient votes to override it. This vote is nothing more than an expensive exercise in futility. But be assured the ACA and Planned Parenthood will cease to exist if a Republican is elected to the White House. If you like that idea, here’s another one. Contact your children and grandchildren, friends and relatives who have benefited from these programs and listen to their stories. Then put yourself in their place … if you can.

Marsha Shearer is a resident of The Villages.